To be a leading innovation centre for Modern Technologies in the region


To develop, foster and facilitate the domestic base of modern technological capabilities through innovation, R & D, training, industrial services and international collaboration”


The functions of the Arthur C Clarke Institute for Modern Technologies as specified in the Act are as follows:

  1. to accelerate the introduction of modern technologies to Sri Lanka by
    • initiating, promoting and conducting research and development in the application of modern technologies
    • providing research and development support to the Government and private sector undertakings in the application of modern technologies and
    • training of personnel in modern technologies to meet the needs of the Government and private sector undertakings and
  2. to promote future studies

The areas of modern technologies include Communication and related Sciences, Information Technology, Electronics, Micro-electronics, Space Technologies, Robotics, Photonics and new materials.

Board of Governors

  • To be appointed 

Founder Patron, Sri Lankabhimanya Sir Arthur C Clarke

Sri Lankabhimanya Sir Arthur C. Clarke, was the first to introduce the concept of extra-terrestrial communication through geo-stationary satellites as far back as 1945. Besides this, there are several other similar visionary and futuristic ideas as well as his works as a prolific author of science fiction has immensely contributed to his global fame.